What is an InkShield?

This shield allows you to connect a HP C6602 inkjet cartridge to your Arduino turning it into a 96dpi print platform. It only uses 5 pins which can be jumper selected to avoid other shields. It is designed with an Arduino Mega footprint but fully supports both the Arduino and the Arduino Mega. It uses all through-hole components to make assembly easy even for beginners.


  • Compatible with Arduino and Arduino Mega
  • Uses only 5 user selectable pins
  • Stackable (up to 11 Inkshields on Ardunio, 15 on Mega)
  • On-board 20V boost converter for inkjet head
  • Accepts 9-12V input via optional power connector or from the Vin of the Arduino
  • Auxiliary input header offers support for other microcontrollers
  • Auxiliary output header supports an extension cable to the inkjet head
  • Power and Pulse activity LEDs
  • ISCP header and Reset button
  • All through-hole components

Release Information

All source code is open source and is being released here:


Creative Commons License
The InkShield hardware design is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.
The InkShield Arduino libraries are licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL.